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Community Leadership Programs

Stand out features of Hot House community leadership programs:

  • Commitment and focus on bottom up, grass roots, strengths-based civic participation and empowerment

  • Skilled at involving a diverse range of participants, particularly supporting participation of second chance learners and people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds

  • Program deploys active, experiential and transformational pedagogies

  • Developed and delivered by experienced and qualified industry leaders in community development practice and education

  • Includes embedded process and impact evaluation methodologies

  • Track record of extraordinary community outcomes and impact

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

- African Proverb

HR & TG-VC award 207.jpg

In 2017 our community leadership programs

 were recognised with the

Vice Chancellor's Award for

Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Learning & Development 

Design, delivery and evaluation of learning and professional development programs, including mentoring, coaching, supervision of people and groups.



  • Community development frameworks, principles, values

  • Strengths-based approaches

  • ABCD - Asset Based Community-driven Development

  • Diversity, inclusion, intersectionality, cultural intelligence

  • Power and privilege

  • Communication, emotional intelligence, resilience, thriving

  • Project Planning

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • Complex systems, participatory ecosystems

  • Governance for community organisations

  • Mentoring, peer support, peer education

  • Facilitation, adult learning, transformational teaching and learning

  • Research & evaluation

Hot House has developed a SPEAKERS BANK of marvellous people with expertise, lived experience and stories to share.

CURATED LEARNING PROGRAMS: other topics and learning programs for individuals or teams can be developed through a discussion with Helen.

NEWS!  e-learning modules coming soon!

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Facilitation & Research

Facilitation of meetings, planning days, engagement processes, events.

Community development projects -  ideation, codesign, grant writing, planning, development, delivery, evaluation and acquittal.

Research projects and evaluation of programs and projects.

Action Research Cycle

Plan Act Observe Reflect- Action researc
Image developed for Hobsons Bay Community Centres Research Report
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