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Nayran Tabiei receives the acclaimed Achievement award at the 2021 Victorian Refugee Awards

Congratulations to long time friend and past Hot House Project’s participant Nayran Tabiei!

In June, Nayran was announced as a recipient for the Achievement Award as part of the 2021 Victorian Refugee Awards. It is a well-deserved acknowledgement of her incredible contribution to Australia as a business owner, chef, educator, interfaith leader, swimming instructor and volunteer.

Her presence in the community is felt by everyone who knows her. She is a great community builder, connector and spirit-lifter! It’s great that her passion for advocacy and her commitment to Australia's migrant and refugee communities has been recognised.

To hear about Nayran’s experience honing her skills as a community leader with Hot House Projects, follow the link to the podcast page of our website.

You can also follow more of Nayran's work here

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