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Welcome to the Hot House!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

This has been a long time coming...

I've been working in the community development and leadership space for over 30 years. In my next story post I'll tell you that tale- it's been an epic journey, one that is still continuing and evolving, as it should. But let's bring me back to the here and now...

'Hot House' is about my work and my life and the wisdom you pick up on the way. It's about nurturing other people to reach their potential, to find their voice, to connect to others and in turn nurture others, strengthen bonds, share the love. Like a 'hot house', it is about providing a safe, nurturing, rich space to learn, connect, contribute and grow.

I'm leading this beautiful work but I'm not alone. I have gathered a range of passionate collaborators, partners, connections, students, community leaders, colleagues. It's a type of family. A community of like-minded folk who lead from an ethic of care, reciprocity and solidarity ...and heart. Big hearts.

I welcome all those with heart to join our community, learn with us, share what you know. One. life. people. That's it. Make it mean something! We are all trying to grapple with that question, a question we have been asking for millenia... how do we live well with each other?

Let me remind you, this is a tough question to raise during a pandemic. COVID-19 has impacted us all, not only in Australia (my home), but all around the globe. The inequalities we have allowed to happen in our families, communities, governments, countries, nations are amplified by the impact of this pandemic. Now more than ever we need solidarity, we need care and compassion, we need thoughtful leaders, and authentic practitioners.

Hot House Community Projects is a space to explore diverse perspectives, new ideas, reclaim shared wisdom, in our local communities. My desire is for it to be a catalyst for creativity, celebration, action and transformation, on a personal, collective and community level. All towards the greater good.

This is the start, in my own small way, of a simple conversation about a big idea.

cheers from me, be kind out there,


this is a picture of Helen Rodd standing against a red background. Photo by Spase Veljanovski.
Helen Rodd, at the heart of the Hot House. Photo by Spase Veljanovski.

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