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Go SLOW - 'rest' is resistance!

My focus for this year is “SLOW”. I’m hoping this focus supports my health and wellbeing, my colleagues and community’s wellbeing, but also the planet’s.

I listened to a podcast yesterday where ‘rest’ was characterised as resistance. Wow. Blew my mind.

Link to ABC-RN Soul Search podcast - Rest, Resistance and Liberation episode here

What resonated for me was the intersection between gender and class. Capitalism - the whole growth and productivity imperative - that produces inequality, and privileges some groups/classes over others, where working class people pay a huge price for their labour through their bodies and minds. And Patriarchy - where women's work is never done because our gender roles construct it so. Tricia Hersey also layered her intersectional analysis with White Supremacy - where black people, especially women, experience an added burden. My blak sisters here in Australia will recognise this.

As a woman, with working class origins, working in community development, the task and the goal of this work, is complex, political and seemingly never-ending. Its meaningful, exhilirating, but exhausting! Last year (2022) was tough. I am very committed to making this year different! Hence... "SLOW".

I hope to post more on this topic throughout the year. Let me know if some of this resonates with you.

Go slow, be curious, be kind, connect with nature,

in solidarity,


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