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Applications closing soon for Wyndham Building Blocks Allies in Community Leadership 2023

Applications close for the Allies in Community Leadership 2023 program on the 19th of February!

As many of you who have participated in Building Blocks programs previously, or have loved ones who have, you know the skills, confidence and connection that participants of our leadership programs walk away with.

This year's Wyndham Building Blocks program is an incredibly special learning journey seeking new and emerging community leaders who have the energy, heart and desire to lead their communities on the journey towards reconciliation in Wyndham.

Where participants can expect an immersive experience that will embrace First Nation's practices, foster a deeper understanding of culture and history and build strong cultural allyship.

This is a free program, comprised of 15 sessions plus a project pathway option and graduation.

The program will be commencing Saturday 25 March 2023, with applications closing on the 19th of February. Apply via the our website though the link below!

Please share this opportunity with others or tap someone on the shoulder.

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